Is the election a cover up?


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There’s something that doesn’t add up about this election business.  Is Sinn Fein hiding something?  They collapsed Stormont before an inquiry into RHI could be called.  Mike Nesbitt was on Twitter begging the Justice Minister, Independent MLA Claire Sugden, to call for the inquiry before the Executive is stepped down.  Why can’t a Sinn Fein Minister do it?  Why didn’t a Sinn Fein Minister do it?

There is a period of seven days following Marty’s resignation for Sinn Fein to stop Stormont collapsing.  This has not happened and is unlikely to happen.  Sinn Fein wants an election.  They told this to the Northern Ireland Secretary of State.  They were gutting the DUP in the media yesterday.  In previous elections neither have really targeted the other.

Curtains could close on Paisley’s old party.  He had the ability to hold them all together.  Members of Paisley’s DUP were likely to be members of his church and lodge too.  Robinson did not have the personality to retain that collective identity.  By the time Foster took the helm the party was too far gone.  Too much corruption, not enough discipline.

Sinn Fein is almost their opposite.  They are the most capable political force in Northern Ireland.  Sinn Fein have bedded themselves into their “communities” much more effectively.  They are the face of their “culture.”  They have taken the “Free Ireland” story.  They organise the Easter parades.  They have appropriated those symbols.

Take unionism as the opposite example.  The Orange Order organises the parades.  The DUP, as a separate political entity, is therefore open to attack to separate these entities.  Divide and conquer.  The old army structures of the IRA make it difficult to divide Sinn Fein.  All they have had to do is bide their time.

There are members of Sinn Fein who have murdered and bombed to get them to power.  They have lied in government.  They will do everything they can to stay there.  They are smarter and more united than the DUP.  The media reports from yesterday and this morning gives a sense that Sinn Fein are acting like Mafiosos; politically bumping off the DUP, an old accomplice who outlived their use and who knew too much.

Don’t underestimate a party who has openly killed for power.