Environmental group halts frack application in Trafford


Fracking at Trafford was put on hold after Trafford council deferred an application for “exploration, production testing and extraction” of coal bed methane.

The council’s planning committee pulled the application from last night’s meeting, hours before it was to be discussed, claiming new concerns had been raised.  The council had already received over 200 concerns or objections.

Friends of the Earth submitted a legal argument last week stating that the work could not go ahead without a proper environmental impact assessment, which has not been done as of yet.  Damian Cross, from FoE Manchester, said that this was the reason the application was deferred.

Anne Power of the Green Party said that people should be wary of what the council does next in relation to the application, saying that people should watch out for any backroom deals.

Other activists were optimistic that the plans would eventually be stopped.

The application was brought to the council by IGas, to be done on land owned by the Peel group.  The IGas and Peel partnership has been controversial at Barton Moss, where exploratory drilling has already started.


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